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Metal Wall Art, Horseshoe Personalized Last Name, Cabin Ranch Barn Stall Door, Farm Decor Sign

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This horseshoe would be perfect displaying your family name, or your horse's name. Powder coated for durability, this beauty will be excellent indoors or out.

Product Specifications:

Standard Dimensions: 12" W x 11.8" H cut from 16 Gauge Steel
                                    15" W x 14.8" H
                                    18" W x 17.75" H
                                    24" W x 23.70" H
Feel free to reach out to us for any custom orders or ideas, we look forward to creating your perfect item to proudly display.
Color: Black

Product information

All of our items (unless otherwise noted) are cut from 16 gauge Steel with our CNC Plasma Table

Hand Sanded

Powder Coated 

Shipped, all from our home, by us.

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Free Shipping on Products over $35.00
Free Shipping on Products over $35.00
Free Shipping on Products over $35.00

Custom Creation

We understand that creating your custom sign can feel daunting. But not to worry, it's actually quite easy and we enjoy working with you. We will work with you to try and get it just right

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